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2015 Schedule

2015 Rose Show

June 6 and 7, 2015

Elks Lodge
9th Street, Corvallis

This year, 2015, will be our LAST Rose Show. We have finally run out of volunteers and revenue to be able to continue hosting an annual Rose Show. We are playing around with the idea of combining resourses with other Willamette Valley Rose Societies to perhaps hold an annual Willamette Valley Rose Show, hosted by a variety of Rose Societies. Besides the Portland Rose Show, we are the last hold outs in the valley and wish we could continue the tradition beyond our 75th year. If anyone has any brilliant ideas and would like to discuss these, please contact our President, Pat O'Connor, 541-915-5339.

For a description of the positions and duties of the Rose Show organizers, click HERE

To download or print this year's schedule click HERE


74th Annual Corvallis Rose Show was held on June 7 and 8, 2014 at Grace Center for Adult Day Services.

Artist Exhibits

Students are encouraged to submit any artwork having to do with ROSES. Any kind of medium is acceptable. This can include paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, fabric, collages, mosaics, metals, jewelry, glass, photography ...

The Corvallis Rose Society would like to honor outstanding young artists with an interest in roses and rose gardens. The Corvallis Rose Society will present several cash awards to participants. There is NO cost to enter a piece of artwork.

The Corvallis Children's Clinic, Lydia Fusetti, M.D. cheerfully sponsored the Art Contest in 2012 and 2013.

Student Artist Exhibits

Student Art Work

Students and/or teachers of students interested in submitting artwork, please email Bekki Levien at theleviens@comcast.net or call 541-752-1755 and she will coordinate the pick up/return of the artwork for the Rose Show.

Contact Stan Miles for more information at 541-753-8945 or email Bekki at bekki@bldesigns.biz