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Position and Duties

2015 Volunteers

General Chair: Schedule and arrange a venue for the next rose show as soon as you confirm the dates with Society’s committee. Notify ARS about dates to put on their calendar. By January have a rose show committee appointed and have an organizational meeting. Check on rose show supplies- ribbons, entry tags, etc. In spring let people do their jobs and check occasionally to see things are getting done on time. In May, after schedules are ready, have another meeting if necessary to finalize everything. Prepare a map of show layout. Arrange for a room for judge’s preparation. Be at show to help as needed and to receive accolades for another great show. Arrange a post-show meeting.

Bekki Levien*

Horticultural Floor Manager: Be at show to manage horticultural division. Monitor space and rearrange exhibits if necessary. Help exhibitors find sections. Let exhibitors know when there is 10 minutes left and then stop exhibitors at 10 am. Before show acquire ballot bags and ballots for challenge classes. Around 9:30 start preparing ballot bags and ballots. Alphabetize hybrid teas and miniatures. Make box and ballots for fragrance challenge. During judging help with trophy table.

Stan Miles

Arrangements Floor Manager: Be at show to manage arrangements division. Help exhibitors find sections. Monitor space and rearrange exhibits if absolutely necessary. It’s best to have exhibitors move exhibits when necessary. Sometimes there will be no space left in a class, but there will be space elsewhere. Rather than moving all the exhibits it’s best to put the exhibit where there is room and let the judges know that one of the entries in a class is located elsewhere. Have a ruler to measure exhibits. Let exhibitors know when there is 10 minutes left and then stop exhibitors at 10 am. At 10 am help horticultural floor manager until arrangement judges arrive. Be with judges during judging to answer questions. Help with trophy table after judging.

Patricia Loveland

Printed Show Schedule Chair: Create the printed show schedule, gather necessary material and edits from previous year,, have schedule printed. Also have show posters created and printed. Interact with advertising chair, arrangement committee, and trophies chair. Distribute schedules to advertisers and garden shops and other Rose Societies.

Bekki Levien*, Stan Miles, Nancy Mandel

Awards and Trophies Chair: Find sponsors for horticultural trophies, get sponsor list to schedule chair and acquire trophies. Arrange for calligraphers. Help set up and take down trophy table. Manage trophies and awards at show. See that trophies get to winners and provide winners sponsor addresses and remind them sponsors like thank you cards. Arrange for runners to assistant during show to keep up with judging. Send list of winners to district for publication.

Ginger Helfer, Dorothy Miles

Arrangements Schedule Committee: Write arrangements schedule, get schedule approved by district arrangements chair, get arrangement trophies, and send schedule to schedule chair by.

Patricia Loveland

Advertising Chair: Get advertising for printed schedule, contact past advertisers, get advertising copy from advertisers, provide schedule chair with necessary material, produce invoices for each advertiser, help treasurer with collection.

Bekki Levien*

Treasurer: Manage both trophy and advertising income. Pay costs and report to show chair, show committee and the executive board.

Dina Pope

Publicity Chair: Create fliers by May general meeting for distribution. Hang banner and put out sandwich signs on day of show. Contact local newspaper to put Rose Show on community calendar. Contact news desk to see if they will do an article about the Society. Schedule window display times and Farmers Market volunteers to man booth/table. Schedule volunteer to refresh flowers in library and to set up table for Rose Show display.

Bekki Levien*

Judges and Clerks Chair: Arrange for judges, clerks and judge’s luncheon. Present judges’ instructions.

Emery Castle, John Sitton, Ken Rowe

Staging Chair: In charge of set up on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and tear down on Sunday afternoon. Arrange with venue host to be sure door is open by 6:30 am. Make sure supplies are available for exhibitors. Foam needs to be soaked overnight. Hide some bud vases and entry tags to prevent hoarding. Fill garbage cans with water. Contact Boy Scouts and others about helping.

Pat O'Connor

Hospitality and Information Committee: Provide refreshments for exhibitors on Saturday morning. Arrange for hospitality table to be manned during Saturday and Sunday. Hospitality clerks also refresh water in vases. Display books on roses, extra schedules, donation box, New member sign-up forms.

Alex and Carol Fischler

Avery Garden Display: Pick roses at Avery Garden and arrange display at Rose Show on Saturday morning. Paul Lorenz? 745-6330.

Paul Lorenza

Art Show: Create, print and distribute posters to all school about Art Show (have school sidtrict office stamp and sidtribute them). Find sponsor for prizes for participants. Arrange pick up and return of art work, Display, judge and award prizes to participants.

Bekki Levien*

* = paid