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Memorial Garden

Please ckick HERE to view a pdf of the list of memorials, honorees and special memorials.

Memorial board in kiosk at Rose GardenWould you like to honor someone special? Please consider making a donation to the Memorial Garden.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to maintaining the memorial rose garden, please follow these guidelines:
• Contributions of $25 or more may be made.
• Donations are for the garden as a whole, rather than for particular plants.
• A record of all donations will be displayed in the memorial kiosk identifying the person or group being honored. Unless otherwise specified by the donor, the person or group making a donation will be identified as well.
• Persons who are honored may include people who are still living as well as those who are deceased.
• Donations for specific memorials, such as benches and arbors, may be requested. Such requests are to be reviewed by the Rose Garden Committee for compatibility with the comprehensive plan.
• Undesignated gifts and donations are welcomed.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Memorial Garden, please contact either:
Emery Castle at 541-752-3755 or
Dina Pope at 541-737-7052.