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PrunersThe Rose Garden in Avery Park

Upcoming pruning workshop at Avery Park Rose Garden
From 9 a.m. to noon

February 14, 2015

White arbor in gardenHistory of the Rose Garden

The Avery Park Rose Garden (APRG), established in 1956 in cooperation between the CRS and Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department (PRD), has continued to grow and improve. Implementation of current and future ideas will insure that the Garden will be a beautiful and vibrant setting for the entire community and visitors to enjoy.

John Hinkle, PRD representative, and CRS-APRG Committee members have been reviewing City Landscape Architect Ben Solberg’s 1962 Garden Plan, along with later changes, for further improvements. Drafting of a new plan by students in landscape architecture at U of O and OSU horticultural students is under consideration.Old Kiosk

Some major ideas in a seven-year plan are to connect major features of the Garden to enhance appearance, care, and handicap accessibility; to expand the west side of the Garden, including areas where companion plants will be used to demonstrate how roses can be used in the landscape; and to add one or two large metal arches for climbing roses to provide for a more distinguishing entrance to the Garden. Additional ideas are to add metal fencing extending from the entry arches as a guide. the fence to duplicate the appearance of the present Avery fence marking the south side of the Garden; and to update the current irrigation system to a more water-wise technology, such as drip irrigation. The PRD will continue the evaluation of traditional fungal and insect controls, as well as compost tea.

New KioskThe best new rose varieties introduced each year by the “All-America Rose Selection” will be marked for visitors to see from their blooming in May to October.

Bench in gardenThe CRS and PRD have worked together on other park projects. In 1966 Lee Allen, as CRS_SPRG chairman, obtained 302 rosebushes at a cost of $365.50 plus freight. The CRS provided a fund of $150 to aid payment. In the mid-1900’s Frank Cochrane of CRS and Becky Merja of PRD supervised replacement of many of the original rose bushes due to canker and fungal diseases. Other rose gardens receiving assistance from CRS are the Benton County Court House, Oregon State University, and Good Samaritan Regional Hospital.CRS members have planted and provide upkeep for rose gardens at local churches. The Society members are often called upon, and gladly volunteer, to provide information on rose culture, offer roses from their gardens and give tours of their gardens.

The Corvallis Rose Garden in Avery Park was formally dedicated July 19, 1959. Following this, the All-American Rose Selection designated the Rose Garden in Avery Park as an official display garden to receive the AARS winners each year. The garden has since received several certificates of achievement from them for outstanding rose garden maintenance. The garden contains 1,200 bushes representing 250 varieties of roses. Within the garden are hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras and shrub roses. Climbers form the garden’s west borders. A miniature rose garden, in raised beds, is featured in a central location. Older rose varieties, some dating as far back as the 1500’s were started from clippings to create an area of old garden roses.

A Memorial Garden, planned in 1995 and dedicated June 14, 1997, was established to help remember and honor deceased family and friends. It also recognizes living persons who are held in esteem by member of the community. (click here to view list of honored individuals)